Back at work for one day this week. We have an IPR of the online application that Krishna is developing, with too many folks in my office, on a conference call and WebEx session with Krishna. It all goes pretty smoothly, though, and the membership folks like what we’ve got so far, with minor tweaks.

Later we’re off to Tony & Joe’s at Washington Harbour for our Staff Appreciation Week lunch. I’ve been out of the office for the first four days of SAW, so it’s good to be able to do at least one event. I share a cab over with Marty and Mila. At lunch I sit with Sasha, Michelle, Laura, and Joe. I have the salmon, which is pretty good, with a not good salad and a blah baked potato.

Later there’s giveaways from vendors, and I win a two-night weekend stay for two at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta. The Hyatt’s on Peachtree Street, just a block up from where I used to work at 133 Peachtree and where my first wife Rebecca used to work at 191 Peachtree. Yeah, I’m so looking forward to staying there and reliving all those memories.

I know, I’m being unfair. And ungracious. It’s a nice gift, a remarkably generous gift, worth like five hundred bucks or so. ASH did bring twenty thousand people to Atlanta in December at the annual meeting, so it’s probably a small gesture on the Hyatt’s part, but it’s a lot to me. But I’m not sure Dawn and I can ever use it, though. We do go to Newnan GA, just south of Atlanta, every year, but we stay with my in-laws. We’ve only got a few days down there, so seems like we shouldn’t be staying downtown.

I don’t know. Maybe we can use it. Or maybe we can give it to her brother or sister, give one of the couples a weekend away from their kids.

One thought on “Friday

  1. Eddie m’boy, I understand all about the bad vibes, but I’m told that Atlanta has a ridiculously cool new world-class aquarium, so by all means, go see that. If ya throw in the pretty neat-0 Coca-Cola museum and a trip to Ikea, your weekend is set.

    Don’t get me started on the number of Peachtree streets and boulevards and whatnot in Atlanta. Every time I go visit my brother there it drives me crazy. Aren’t there other trees there?

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