Daily Archives: February 28, 2006

Mardi Gras

There were a couple of folks at work giving out beads for Mardi Gras. Late in the day it was the executive director, who happens to be named Marty. It’s short for Martha. Although I guess thinking about it, it’s not short for Martha, since it’s exactly the same length and number of syllables. I guess I need to say that it’s the diminutive form of Martha.

Anyway, as she gave me the beads, I was thinking how her name sounds similar to Mardi. So I told her that, in her honor, we were spelling the name of the day with a T instead of a D, making it Marty Gras rather than Mardi Gras.

And as soon as I said it I realized my grave error. As did she, but luckily she thought it was very funny.

In other news, my dashing young protege Kate is a little down today. She traditionally spends Mardi Gras in New Orleans. She apparently had written an argumentative paper for a freshman comp assignment, arguing that the university should schedule spring break during Mardi Gras. And then she actually sent the paper to the school administration for their consideration. And during her senior year, spring break was scheduled the same week as Mardi Gras, and so she went to New Orleans.

This year, what with Katrina, and what I gather might be personal budget reasons, she did not go to New Orleans. She plans to spend the evening at the bar Lulu’s Mardi Gras, which is just a couple blocks down the street from us, and then head to Arlington to view the Clarendon Mardi Gras parade. But, she says, not the same.

I used to go to Lulu’s for swing dancing. I think Tom and Debra used to be there. There was a bartender named Dan, whom we used to tip utterly lavishly for the first few drinks, and then he’d start comping us. Dan and his wife took some sort of personal interest in and care of a bartender there, a young woman who had been a stripper named Tawana at Archibalds.

I ask Kate if she’s going to be dragging her sorry ass in to work late on Wednesday, but she says that she won’t be out that late.

First Date

Dawn and I had our first official date on February 28, 2002.

I had been dating this woman Laura, and we broke up on Sunday night, the 24th, just after getting back to my place from the opera. Macbeth was the opera, but I don’t remember the opera company that did it. Some Russian company usually famous for ballet, I think. Kirov or Bolshoi. Bolshoi probably.

Dawn and I had been having lunch a lot. I had been trying to figure out some way of screwing up the courage to break up with Laura, but I wasn’t especially finding the courage. Then, quite handily, she broke up with me. We talked it over and she was trying to let me down easy, and then at one point she seemed to be having second thoughts. So I assured her that she should really trust her first instinct, and that I would be okay.

So that was Sunday night, and I waited until Tuesday to tell Dawn. I was savoring it, like you do with wine. Like swirling and tootling it around your mouth. I finally casually mentioned it to her in an email on like Tuesday afternoon. And then I just as casually asked her if she’d like to have dinner or go to a movie sometime. She said she just might like that.

Dawn stopped by on Thursday night and we had dinner, before she went to the ballet. That was Thursday, February 28, 2002. We got married the following April. And now we go to the ballet together.

She’s great, that Dawn.