Monthly Archives: August 2008


Switched all the Ireland videos (so far) from YouTube to Vimeo. Dawn says they look a lot better. I agree.

But now they’ve all gone down. Damn.

I’m working on it.

Update: Looks like the embed links have changed. Re-pasted the link in the July 3 video. That one works again. Vimeo had some sort of big update yesterday, where you couldn’t even sign in. All day. Way to go, guys. And now embed links are changed? Oh, yeah, way way way to go, guys.

Update 2: Hacking through the embed HTML, looks like all of the href tags that refer to have change from to simply That’s it? That’s what caused all my imbeds to break? Suddenly I’m liking Vimeo a whole lot less. But I’m changing the links in the posts anyway. Again, damn.

Update 3: All fixed. But still. Why should I have had to do that, Vimeo?

Worms in My Air Conditioner?

Had the best URL I’ve ever seen, in a spam comment on the blog the other day:


Whoa! That sounded pretty damn cool. A worm remover for air conditioner window units. Worms get into air conditioners?

Okay, I thought, maybe like air conditioner units in like Pacific Asian islands get worms in them. I imagined either one huge worm, almost like a snake, or a wriggly mass of smaller worms. Pretty gross either way.

So I actually clicked through, and then I was sorely disappointed. It redirected to scanner[dot]power-antivirus-2009[dot]com/?aff=1064. So the worm refers to computer virus type deals. Yeah, that’s right, I’ve heard of viruses, trojan horses, and worms. One of those. Not real worms.

And the domain was just a dummy one anyway. And it tried to attack my computer, according to the Norton message that popped up saying that whatever attack was thwarted.

Like I said, very disappointing. Similarly disappointing was a comment spam with a link to Gemini Inflatable Asia. Again, that would be pretty cool, an inflatable Asia. Like a plush toy kinda thing, but inflatable, in the shape of Asia, with country borders and capitals marked, and each country a different color. But, sadly, it turned out to be a link to a company in Asia named Gemini that manufactures inflatable boats. Boats that inflate, not continents.