Worms in My Air Conditioner?

Had the best URL I’ve ever seen, in a spam comment on the blog the other day:


Whoa! That sounded pretty damn cool. A worm remover for air conditioner window units. Worms get into air conditioners?

Okay, I thought, maybe like air conditioner units in like Pacific Asian islands get worms in them. I imagined either one huge worm, almost like a snake, or a wriggly mass of smaller worms. Pretty gross either way.

So I actually clicked through, and then I was sorely disappointed. It redirected to scanner[dot]power-antivirus-2009[dot]com/?aff=1064. So the worm refers to computer virus type deals. Yeah, that’s right, I’ve heard of viruses, trojan horses, and worms. One of those. Not real worms.

And the domain was just a dummy one anyway. And it tried to attack my computer, according to the Norton message that popped up saying that whatever attack was thwarted.

Like I said, very disappointing. Similarly disappointing was a comment spam with a link to Gemini Inflatable Asia. Again, that would be pretty cool, an inflatable Asia. Like a plush toy kinda thing, but inflatable, in the shape of Asia, with country borders and capitals marked, and each country a different color. But, sadly, it turned out to be a link to a company in Asia named Gemini that manufactures inflatable boats. Boats that inflate, not continents.