Switched all the Ireland videos (so far) from YouTube to Vimeo. Dawn says they look a lot better. I agree.

But now they’ve all gone down. Damn.

I’m working on it.

Update: Looks like the embed links have changed. Re-pasted the link in the July 3 video. That one works again. Vimeo had some sort of big update yesterday, where you couldn’t even sign in. All day. Way to go, guys. And now embed links are changed? Oh, yeah, way way way to go, guys.

Update 2: Hacking through the embed HTML, looks like all of the href tags that refer to have change from to simply That’s it? That’s what caused all my imbeds to break? Suddenly I’m liking Vimeo a whole lot less. But I’m changing the links in the posts anyway. Again, damn.

Update 3: All fixed. But still. Why should I have had to do that, Vimeo?