Daily Archives: March 3, 2006

Friday Workout

Had a good workout today. I’m doing the overhead press (at XPressLine station 5) a lot more these days, along with the Cybex fly machine, trying to combine more things at once, rather than using the more focussed Cybex curl and the tricep machines. I still do the StairMaster for 22 minutes. I’ve been searching for something that will do abs and lower back without hurting my back at the same time, but I’m still not satisfied with anything so far.

At my gym, Washington Sports Club, they have a little video screen on each cardio machine, where you can plug in your headphones and watch TV or the music videos. I usually try and find like Turner Classic Movies or American Movie Classics, with some old cowboy movie or noir or something like that.

The showers at the Connecticut Avenue club are nicer than the ones at 20th & M, but I for some reason prefer the ones at 20th & M. Maybe it’s because they’re fully tiled rather than plastic, although the tiled showers are fully enclosed and pretty dark compared to the more open plastic ones.

Either way the showers are pretty small. So I turn the shower on and get wet and then turn the shower off to soap up, so that I can turn this way and that and work up a good lather without being under the stream of the water, since there’s no place to get away from the water, it being so small. I hate touching my arm or back to the tile or the shower curtain, though. It’s cold and clammy and I shiver if I do it.