Daily Archives: June 1, 2006

Two Years

I celebrate my second anniversary at ASH, the American Society of Hematology. I have my evaluation with Matt at three o’clock. It’s an easy evaluation for him to do, since pretty much the things I did well last year I still do well and the things where I need improvement I still need improvement. At least the things I do well I do a little better this year, and I have improved a little in the areas where I need improvement although I still need to improve more.

I get a raise, though, happily. Four point eight-nine-five percent. It rounds off to five percent, so I’m happy. Well, I’m happy to keep the job, happy I’m not handed a box and given five minutes to collect my personal effects before a guard escorts me out of the building. I’m happy to get paid as much as I do now.

I’m thrilled to get a raise.