Daily Archives: July 27, 2006

Not Just Us

Okay, but what about the rest of the world?

I said earlier that I don’t see that we can or will or should just call up Israel and tell them to stop what they’re doing and expect them to stop what they’re doing. I said that we don’t necessarily have the clout nor yet even the moral standing to do such a thing. But, thinking more about it, what if say the whole world were to tell Israel that it was acting disproportionately, that it needed to stop doing something? That’d be something out of the UN, of course. And that’s now where I’m thinking I’m starting to see a problem.

Most recently the Security Council overwhelmingly passed a draft resolution calling for Israel to cease its military offensive in Gaza. In other words, representatives of the whole world telling Israel to knock it off. But we, the United States, of course vetoed the resolution. Or, in other words, the whole world was trying to tell Israel to do something, trying to send them a message anyway. But the U.S. had the power and the will to block that.

Although I am not unmindful of the rabble from the right, yelling Oil for Food and 3379 and other such inanities, declaring the United Nations morally bankrupt and a perversion of democracy and all sorts of other vicious things. But of course we send Ambassador Bolton there anyway. Secretary Rice spoke yesterday of how “we” passed Resolution 1559 and how Syria has responsibilities under it. And any cease-fire deal we eventually endorse in Lebanon will naturally involve a multinational peacekeeping force via the UN.