Birthday Party

Busy, busy day, starting with yoga, of course. It’s Purvi’s last day assisting Carol’s Saturday 9:15 class. She apparently is graduating and moving on to teaching on her own.

Then after lunch we’re off to pick up Dawn’s parents, Mother Dillon and Papa Joe, from the airport. We watch a plane taxi to gate seventeen, but the screen has told us that their flight is arriving at gate nineteen. So it’s something of a surprise when they walk up to us as we’re just sitting there, like we were too lazy to go wait right outside security for them. We’re a bit embarrassed.

First to arrive to the party are Gordon and Ally, who arrive early as they have to leave early. Babs is running in some sort of 9/11 5K, and they have to go cheer for her. They’ve brought their salsa, which Dawn specifically emphatically repeatedly requested. Many other family, friends, and neighbors start flowing in not too much later: Dad, Rob & Carol, Kevin & Clare, Renee & Jim, Kara. I hope I’m not forgetting anyone. Most everyone brings a bottle of wine with them. Dawn gets pleasantly drunk. I eat too much, so I’m too full to drink too much.

We have two kinds of pie in lieu of cake, both pies that I’ve in fact made myself. The one is a pumpkin-gingerbread pie in a baking dish, the easier of the two as it’s made with canned pumpkin and gingerbread mix. The other is a more personal statement, a maple walnut pie, for which I’ve made the crust. I’m pretty proud of my pie crusts.

We have two candles, one a big wax four and the other a zero, instead of actually having forty candles. We sing Happy Birthday, then Sarah remembers that she wants a picture of this, but needs to go upstairs to get her camera. So while we’re waiting we sing again, then add my Dad’s May the dear Lord bless you verse. Finally Sarah returns and gets her picture.

There’s a lot of dishes to do, even though we used paper plates and plastic cups and whatnot as much as we could. There’s a ton of leftovers too, that we’ll be eating for days.

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  1. They were SUPPOSED to come to gate 15. And I wasn’t embarrassed. But I did get “pleasantly drunk,” as you so gallantly put it.

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