Daily Archives: October 28, 2006

Back to Ballet

The usual Saturday morning, with yoga at Tranquil Space. On the drive there I see a woman, hailing a cab at Eleventh and Mass, who looks like the new temp in the Education & Training department at work. A cab next to us makes a really crazy move to get to her, making at least two and maybe three illegal turns.

Later, after lunch, we pack up the car for the demi-annual household hazardous waste collection. I go up Fifteenth, confusedly thinking I’m going to Bladensburg or Brentwood Road, when in fact we’re going to Benning Road. Luckily we have to actually cross Benning Road, at which time Dawn reels me back from the abyss and sets me in the right direction.

We have the address of the transfer station where we’re going, but even better there are lots of signs on the way for the collection today. We turn in and join a long line of cars waiting. We’ve been listening like the last week or two to some classical CD of Dawn’s, and we finally tire of it and I pop in one of mine. One of my all-time favorites, the Housmartins The People Who Grinned Themselves to Death. Dawn doesn’t like it so much.

We have only paint and varnish and oily rags and the like, but we see they’re also collecting electronics. We see a man whom we only know as Tiger’s Dad dropping off some computers. We wave at him but he doesn’t recognize us, is only crabby so that we don’t cut in front of him.

Back home we pick up and clean and vacuum and all that,getting ready for dinner. Becky’s coming over. I don’t so much like doing house chores, but I sure do love the house when it’s all sparkly clean.

Then we’re off to the Kennedy Center for the Washington Ballet. First up is a piece called In the Night by Jerome Robbins, music by Chopin. I think it’s wonderful. Next is something called oui/non. It’s choreographed by Washington Ballet’s Artistic Director Septime Weber. And that’s the good news. The music is Karen Akers singing Edith Piaf. The best that can be said is that it’s live music, that Karen Akers is actually up there on stage singing. I always prefer actual live music to recordings. And hey, who doesn’t love Edit Piaf, right?

At intermission we see Dr. Claudia from St. Matt’s. We joke about Jason Hartley hurling himself around on stage.

Last up is In the Upper Room, which I positively hate. I hate the music, by Phillip Glass, and I hate even more the choreography, by Twyla Tharp. It’s all modern jogging around.

But, still, Erin Mahoney is so very tall, and I really like Elizabeth Gaither, despite Dawn’s complaints about her gawky floppy hands. And that Luis Torres is one strong man, able to toss Brianne Bland like way high in the air. Dawn moons over guest artist Sean Stewart.