Daily Archives: January 22, 2008

O Bello! My Bello!

I get the yearly email from Ringling, announcing the circus coming to town. And this year we get Bello! Hooray!

Wait. Wait a minute. Okay, says here they’re in Baltimore, then to DC to the Verizon Center, then out to Fairfax to the Patriot Center. Then up to NYC Madison Square Garden? Where’s the DC Armory? Two blocks from my house. When are they coming there? When is Bello coming to my neighborhood?

Answer: he isn’t. No Armory shows this year. And I actually get upset. Almost physically ill. A real sinking feeling in the pit of my gut.

And I don’t want to go the Verizon Center or any big hockey arena to see the circus. I love the circus at the Armory. It’s big enough for the high wire act, but small enough to actually see, you know?

Alas, no Bello for me this year.