Daily Archives: March 18, 2008


I guess it was around the fall elections in 2006 where I complained about Joe Lieberman but then later realized that he was a lot smarter than I was.

I was thinking about Eliot Spitzer while doing the dishes. As we all do from time to time, think about Eliot Spitzer while doing the dishes. And I suddenly realized that I was probably pretty wrong last week when I complained about him. Specifically, I think I understand why he kept emphasizing that it was all a private matter.

It clearly isn’t a private matter, not by a long shot. But as he’s facing some serious criminal charges, he needs to be careful about saying anything that might have any bearing on the case. And so then couching everything in this way, as being private, he’s at least hinting that he’s done something wrong without exposing himself to later cross examination.

Not that he’s been Mirandized yet or anything, but best to be careful anyway.

So, for the record: Eliot Spitzer, dumb with the hookers, but smarter than I am about the fallout.