State of the Union?

Oh, hey, I forgot.

In years past I’ve always been a big fan of the State of the Union address. Sort of the same way I’ve been a fan of the party nominating conventions every election year. I like speeches.

But I skipped this President’s speech this year. He just makes me so mad.

I used to read his speeches, and they usually have read very well. Because they’re written by Mike Gerson, of course.

But now that we imprison people without access to lawyers, now that we torture people, for cryin’ out loud, I just can’t stand it.

I am a little sad that I missed the great moment where he chided Congress for not passing his Social Security “reform” package last year and the Dems all stood up and cheered. Heh.

And he apparently made some reference to some type of human-animal hybrids being a result of stem cell research? The hell?