Snow on the way

We go to Safeway on Saturday morning, just like we do on many Saturday mornings. Ah, but today there’s a snowstorm a-comin’. Everybody is at the store today.

It’s funny actually. The aisles aren’t especially crowded. It’s just that the lines for the registers are ridiculously long. I make a special stop in the magazine aisle, grabbing National Geographic, Esquire, Consumer Reports and Fine Homebuilding, and I grab a Star for Dawn. We should have brought our books.

I end up only reading Fine Homebuilding. It’s from Taunton Press, same as Fine Woodworking, to which I subscribe. I’ve never really looked at Fine Homebuilding before, figuring it’s way out of my league. Like I figure it’s more about restoring fine antique homes rather than just old row houses like we’ve got. But it’s surprisingly accessible and enjoyable. Hey, there’s a graphic on the differences among oilstones, waterstones, diamond stones and ceramic stones. That’s right up my alley.

Unfortunately all the copies are incorrectly glued and are all falling apart. Otherwise I would have bought one. I’ll have to see if Borders nearby at work carries it. Although I did just renew my subscription to Fine Woodworking and just newly subscribed to Popular Woodworking. Don’t know if the budget will allow another magazine.