Happy Birthday, Main!

My big sister, Marianne Lawler, celebrates her twenty-ninth birthday today. Not for the first time.

She’s so clearly the most together of the three of us kids. She’s helping Mom get her house sold and buy a place down in Florida to which to retire. In fact they leave tomorrow for Florida to pick out colors and patterns and textiles and whatnot other options for the new house. I’m so glad she’s doing this for (and with) Mom. I could never figure all this out.

And I suppose I could never decide what should be done, even if I could even figure out what could be done. And then make it happen. That’s why Main is so great.

She’s pictured above with her daughter, my neice, Erin Danielle Lawler, who will be twenty-nine for the first time in a few years. The picture was taken actually on Rob’s birthday (my older/her younger, brother) in 2003. It was at the big party for his fortieth.

Main describes herself as a practical girl.

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