Spackling for Mom

I’m taking the day off from work on Friday, so I end up working late and missing ballet. Then I’m off to my mother’s house to help her get ready for house inspection, since she’s got a contract on her house. (Yay!)

I get off 395 at Duke Street to get some fast food at a drive-thru. There’s a KFC where there used to be a Roy’s, so I get dinner there. They’ve only got Pepsi products, which is okay, I suppose, in an emergency. I get a chicken sandwich which isn’t bad, and their fries are like homestyle wedges and are pretty good.

At Mom’s I spackle a hole in the wall near the ceiling in the office. It looks like maybe some foam insulation, around a vent pipe in the wall, is pushing out and caused the hole. I had brought joint compound and a mud pan in case I needed to do a bigger section, but it seems small enough for just spackle. I also change 2 of the 4 burnt out bulbs in the ceiling fan in her bedroom. The other two bulbs are stubborn and won’t come out. And they won’t break either, like the first bulb did, to allow extraction with needle-nose pliers.