Daily Archives: May 3, 2006

Goodbye and Good Luck

Mom moved to New Jersey yesterday.

Actually, I suppose she moved back to New Jersey, since she’d moved from New Jersey to Virginia in January 1979. And she stayed there while everybody else left: Main went back to NJ that summer, Rob moved to Atlanta in 1981 (but came back to VA in 1993), Dad moved to Minnesota in 1982 (but came back in 1992, I think it was), and I moved to MN in 82 but came back and move to GA in 95 but came back and now live in DC.

But anyway, Mom was waiting waiting for the closing on her house, but everything was out of the house except for some couch cushions on the floor on which she was sleeping. Her car was packed full of stuff, so she couldn’t like drive anywhere, like go shopping or anything, so she was just stuck there in the house waiting for closing. Finally she just signed her side of the settlement papers at the realtor’s house and left. The woman buying the house will sign when she signs, I guess.

Mom will be staying with Main and John and Erin until her house is ready in Florida. They’re still building it, seems like. She’ll move down there sometime this summer. I’ve never been to Florida, actually. Never been to the Land of the Mouse, which is where she’ll be near. I have no interest in the Land of the Mouse, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the Kennedy Space Center. They have a Saturn V there. Cool.