Daily Archives: May 18, 2006

Last Rehearsal

I’m late getting to ballet, and when I arrive they’re down in the church already running through the piece. But looks like only half the folks are in there. And I see Pat and Ayanna standing in back, not dancing and so they must have just arrived. And when I ask Jill after they’re done with the run-through she says that this was the first time through, so I’m not too terribly late or in trouble or anything.

We then work through it a couple more times, stopping and starting, trying to figure out our entrance. We’ve got this combination that we do coming in and up the far left aisle to get on stage, during this long intro to the music. We do two eight-counts of arm poses & an outside soutenu, then another eight-count of three chaines and tombe pas de bourree. Repeat until in place.

I never can figure out how to do three chaines to a four count, though.

We’re divided into two groups. Dawn’s in the first group, one of four. They arrive at their places right at time their music kicks in, and my group, of six, is supposed to arrive eight counts later. But we just don’t have time to get the six of us into position anywhere in the soutenus or chaines. So finally Jessica decides we can just walk to our places after Dawn’s group starts. This makes sense, as the audience is going to be looking at them at that point anyway.

Finally the choir is arriving and we have to leave since it’s really their space for the night. So we go back up to the studio and run through the piece like five more times. And, heck, I’m tired. And I’m still a little fuzzy on some of the transitions, but that’s showbiz, I guess. Or maybe I can rehearse a little with Dawn at home before the recital on Saturday.