Sunday Shopping

Go all the way to Springfield to the Woodcraft store to buy a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig, specifically the Rocket Jig. But they’re out of stock.

They’ve got the Mini Jig Kit, but while that’s got the step drill bit, collar, and hex wrench, it’s only got the single-hole jig, and lacks the clamp. They’ve also got the K3 Master System and Super Kit, but those are $149 and $199, respectively. I’m not going to be doing production work, thank goodness. I need the Rocket Jig.

Man says they’ll have more on Monday, but it’s tough to get back here, especially on a Monday night. So later I end up ordering one on Amazon. For five bucks cheaper, too.

Next door to Woodcraft there’s a South Asian market. We buy some ghee and also some cumin seeds.

One thought on “Sunday Shopping

  1. So, what’s this ghee stuff? Man, the supermarkets are full of stuff I know nothing about. I’m still freaked by them star fruits and those things in the produce section that look like brown tree roots, whatever they are. And lately I’ve become aware of yellow carrots. Yellow carrots?!

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