Big Old Drywall Panel from the Home Depot

We buy a four foot by eight foot sheet of half inch drywall at the Home Depot. We’re making some small repairs around the house, so we don’t actually need all that drywall, but they don’t sell anything smaller. They sell handy panels (that’s what they call them) of plywood and hardboard and MDF in four by four and two by four foot sizes. But not drywall. We need one piece that’s about four and a quarter inches by twelve and three quarters, and another piece twenty four and a half inches long by about seven or eight inches high.

So we need about two hundred and fifty square inches, but we buy over four thousand square inches. But it’s like that at Home Depot a lot of the time. The big sheet is about nine bucks. We can handle that. We can afford to pay that for the forty eight cents worth that we need.

And besides, I get home and misread the drywall square on the left side, forgetting to account for the two inches that is the width of the straight edge. I end up with a six inch wide piece when I meant to cut an eight inch wide piece. So I have to cut again.

So good thing I have all that extra, huh?

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