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One of the authors of the article referenced in the earlier post is Gareth Evans, who is President and Chief Executive of International Crisis Group. ICG was founded in the early nineties mostly by Mort Abramowitz, the President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and Mark Malloch Brown, the Vice President for External Affairs at the World Bank. Joining them almost immediately was Fred Cuny.

Fred is widely hailed as being instrumental in providing potable water to Sarajevo during the seige, when he masterminded and effected the building of a purification plant in a mountainside tunnel. Sadly, Fred didn’t live to see any of the things that ICG would go on to do. He disappeared in Chechnya in April 1995.

I met Fred once, had dinner with him at Weather Lea, as he was a friend of the Baldwins. He was a giant of a man, bigger than life. I’m sorry to say though that I was in a terrible mood that day, and I didn’t appreciate him or his work nearly enough. It was only after he disappeared that I began to learn more about him.

Heard way back that they were making a movie about Fred. Harrison Ford was supposed to play him, although he looked nothing like him.

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  1. I never did understand math too well, but for some reason the elementary school concept of sets always stayed with me. You have an oval over here that contains some stuff, and that’s one set, then another oval, and then sometimes they intersect to make something else. Or, at least that’s how I remember it.

    Sometimes I think of our lives as little ovals, just people on thier own little tracks, and sometimes, maybe just briefly, our lives intersect, maybe just by happenstance, with someone whom we will always remember.

    What were the chances that you would meet that person? What were the chances that his life would help so many others?

    He sounds like he was a good man.

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