Daily Archives: January 6, 2007

Christmas at Rob & Carol’s

We’re supposed to meet up with everybody at Los Toltecos at five, but we’re late. We get stuck in traffic of 66. Why is there rush hour traffic on a Saturday?

Granted, we left a little later than we maybe should have. I got kinda stuck at Home Depot, looking for plywood and paint to fix the skylight. (The roof is still leaking. Leaking less, but still leaking nevertheless.) I take a lot longer looking at and for stuff at Home Depot when Dawn isn’t with me.

And I’m sore already from yoga this morning. I’ve graduated to Kevin’s Yoga 2 class on Saturday mornings, since Carol isn’t teaching the Yoga 1 class anymore. Lots of vinyasa flows from down dog to plank to baby cobra (or up dog) and back to down dog. Lots.

But we get to the restaurant about twenty minutes late. Could be worse. And everybody is still eating chips and salsa, and chips and guacamole, and chips and some sort of Monterey Jack queso. Dawn gets frozen margaritas, whereas I go for plain old on the rocks. Hate the brain freeze.

We caravan back to Rob & Carol’s. I have to move the car from the visitor parking space, since apparently they require some sort of visitor parking pass now as well. It’s somewhat cloudy but Orion is still prominent, big and fat up in the southeast. They sure do have better stars out here in Sterling.

Good coffee and cake and company and celebration. Poor Scilla coughs and coughs. It’s good to see Mom, who’s been here since Thursday and is staying until Monday, but today’s my only chance to see her.