Daily Archives: January 17, 2007

ASH Happy Hour

We have an after-work happy hour at Mai Thai, promptly at 5:01 p.m. Actually, I’m about five minutes late getting out the door, so most everybody else is already on their way. I meet Kyra heading down as well. She needs to hit the ATM first, so we step across the street to the Wachovia. It’s not her bank, so she gets nailed with a fee. Two dollars and fifty cents. Ouch. I haven’t paid an ATM fee in like five years, not since Dawn took charge of our finances. I guess I thought it was still only a dollar to get money from a different bank.

As per usual in group drinking situations, I bus my own drinks from the bar. I learned that from Dave. And as per usual at Mai Thai, I get the draft Bass Ale, ridiculously cheap at like $3.85 or something like that. I do not like, however, that they serve the draft beer in a mug. I like pint glasses or pilsner glasses far better.

I sit between Virginia’s husband Patrick, on my left, and Helena, on my right. Helena is going to see the Kirov Romeo & Juliet on Friday. Dawn and I are seeing it on Saturday. We discuss how much I liked the ABT Othello last weekend. Helena says that her father always complains that the dialog at ballets is never loud enough. And that Giselle gives him the willies. (Rim shot & thank you & try the veal, she adds.)

Kyra bails early to meet friends at the happy hour up the street at the Front Page. I leave with Elisa, Courtney, and Kat, all of us heading to the Red Line at Dupont Circle.