Small World

My sister emails me with her minor connection to the scandal of Gov. Spitzer, who announced his resignation today (in a statement of three-hundred and seventy-seven words).

Apparently, my sister used to work with the woman who did the booking for the Emperor’s Club. Before she, this woman Tanya, went on to this fabulous career, she worked at my sister’s employer, a manufacturing company with 5,000 employees and over $2 billion in revenue last year. Tanya was the CIO’s assistant.

Also we find out more today about the particular woman whom Gov. Spitzer met at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington on Valentine’s Eve. Alexandra aka Kirsten. The New York Times links to her MySpace page. What a strange world we live in nowadays.

I actually check out said MySpace page. Seems like she’s gotten comments from friends in recent days, telling her that they’re thinking of her, offering support, that sort of thing. It’s really touching. I feel the exact opposite of Spitzenfreude for her.