Happy Birthday, Rob!

carol_and_robMy big brother turns 45 today.

We ride our bikes to Phillips down on the SW waterfront to have dinner with Rob and Carol. On the way, while I’m leading the way, while we’re flying past a row of cars parked on the right side of M Street SW, some guy opens his driver’s side door right in front of me. I jam on the brakes but still crash head-on into the door.

Bike’s mostly okay. Bent front wheel, just a little. Can feel it while braking. Damn.

edward_and_dawnPhillips is a gigantic place. Roman orgy levels of food. Buffet style with various stations. Place is oh so very crowded. We have a grand time at a table in a sort of patio area, covered this time of year. But still, we overlook the marina. Pretty close to our bikes too, locked to the fences down below us.

We do not discuss politics in any way, shape, or form. Rob and Carol are about as far to the right as we are to the left. If such a thing is possible.