Daily Archives: July 10, 2008

Sense of Doom

We had this training at work today for the safety wardens. Red Cross came in and trained us in CPR and first aid. Some lecture, some book reading, test taking, practicing on the CPR dummies. And a number of videos on a DVD. And in one of the videos, in a part about first aid and sudden illness, this poor girl gets stung by a bee. Her mom goes off to get the epi pen and call 911. Meanwhile, girl goes to sit down, and an on-screen graphic lists the symptoms of anaphylactic shock. One of the symptoms is:

  • A Sense of Doom

And I thought, wait, that’s not normal? Doesn’t everyone just generally have a sense of doom all the time?

What? No?

Oh, apparently that’s only me?

I noticed there was a fly in the refrigerator

I was grabbing a beer or a soda or whatever and saw a black flash out of the corner of my eye. It was a fly. He landed on the light bulb at the top. I waved my hand at him, to get him to fly out, but he just flew around inside the fridge, not coming out.

“Come on out there, buddy,” I said, waving my hand around some more. Dawn, from the living room, asked me what I was doing, so I explained.

“You’re talking to the fly?” she asked.

Well, of course I was talking to him, I told her. It’s a fly. He can’t read my mind.