Daily Archives: July 13, 2008


About 7:15 this morning, just as we’re finishing breakfast, as I’m about to start washing the dishes, we hear a shout from outside. Male voice, adult, an inarticulate shout of … not quite pain, not quite anger.

I look out the front door. There’s a man walking down the street. No, not the sidewalk next to the street, but the very street itself. Right down the middle. Seventeenth Street is one-way south, and he’s walking in the same direction at least.

“Wake up! Wake up,” he yells. Takes a few more steps. “This is serious!” Keeps walking.

By now the light back at Independence has turned green, and some cars are coming. Somebody honks, but guy just keeps walking in the middle as cars go around him on either side.

He doesn’t say anything else, just keeps walking.