Daily Archives: January 11, 2006

Planche M.A.C. Board

Dawn and I have been watching Wonderfalls on DVD from Netflix lately. I really like it.Basically it revolves around one Jaye Tyler, who is either delusional or a prophet of some sort. Small objects speak to her. Small animal objects: a wax lion, plush toys, lawn flamingos, a cartoon buffalo on an apron, etc. They tell her, somewhat elliptically, to do or not do certain things, which things lead to hijinks, coincidences, and bad things that turn out in the end to be good things.

I’m glad that the show does not shy away from the heavily religious implications of its premise, by the way. Well, sometimes the show deals rather heavy-handedly with the religious implications, but better that than ignoring them.

Anyway, what with coincidences and bad things/good things, remember that printer that Dad and Sharon gave me that I had also gotten the day before? And how I felt bad about it? Well, right before I left, Sharon pressed into my hand a $90 check, in lieu of said printer. And then the next day I was reading a woodworking book that Rob & Carol had given me at the very same Christmas celebration at Dad & Sharon’s. The book is Your First Workshop by Aimé Ontario Fraser, and it’s really great, by the way.

And in the book Ms. Fraser shows this jig for a circular saw for crosscuts and miters, and it’s so way totally cool. I looked at it and immediately saw that it would be perfect for router use as well. Perfect, I tell you. And here I had some Christmas money to spend, on this perfect gift that I didn’t even know had existed until just this very moment.

It should arrive tomorrow. I’m very excited.