Daily Archives: January 28, 2006

Wonder Falls Update

So they ended the episode with Eric returning, but no explanation as to why Jaye is touched by her objets. Which is where it all has to end, episode and season and series.

The only 2 clues I can think offa the top of my head is, one, early on Jaye asks a pile of animals if they are God or Satan. Her conclusion is a heartbreaking, “Oh, God, I’m a crazy person.” Two is from the next-to-last episode, where she refuses a request from Dr. Ron’s monkey until he (the monkey) tells her why they talk to her. The answer is a maddening, “Because you listen.”

So, narratively the end is all warm and fuzzy and happy and satisfying, because it ties up the love story with a happy ending. Otherwise, though, never to know any more as to why they talked to her.

(I know. It’s just a TV show. But it was art. It was touching.)

And, finally, after 13 episodes, after 2 years, I’m the next morning in the shower when it hits me, “it” being something of a minor note but something I should have noticed a whole lot sooner. Jaye’s parents are Darrin and Karen, and her siblings are Aaron and Sharon. Again, a minor note, just something to emphasize her apart-ness, her estrangement from her family. I just hadn’t ever put it together before.