Daily Archives: January 23, 2006

March for Life Day

I go to work instead and feel guilty about not marching for life. And I feel guilty about how icky I find so much of the pro-life movement.

I’ve always thought that someday, maybe a hundred and forty years from now, people will look back at our time, and abortion, much the same way we look back at slavery, wondering how decent people could have believed in or fought over what so clearly is wrong.

But then I feel guilty about not doing enough to bring that time about, or bring it about sooner.

I don’t much feel guilty about how much I hate the Washington Times and Republicans and that man in the White House. But then, just now, saying it, I do feel guilty.

And I don’t understand why the president only ever phones the march but never appears. I seem to remember George H.W. starting this, but maybe that evil Reagan did it before then. I don’t remember that though.

And now Canada’s looking even worse. What’s a boy to do?