Fifth Sunday of Easter

The first reading is from Acts. I like readings from Acts like this, where it’s like this action adventure. Here’s Saul first coming to the Apostles, and they’re all afraid of him, since he’s been so famous for persecuting Christians. They think he’s a spy or something. And so Barnabas is assigned to be his handler. And then they decide Saul’s okay. But then when he’s out and about in Jerusalem preaching, the Hellenists try to kill him. So the Apostles spirit him out of town, take him to Caesaria, on his way back to Tarsus.

And then from First John, the really simple and stunning “[L]et us love not in word or speech but in deed and truth.”

The Gospel is also from St. John. Jesus explains that he is the vine, the Father is the vine grower, and we are the fruit. Seems much safer than shepherd and lamb. Although I suppose with the shepherd and/or the lamb, in either case, we are the sheep.

Father Caulfield talks about his mother. He is so great, Father Caulfield. I’m really starting to like him a lot. I mean, it’s not like I didn’t like him before. But I loved Monsignor McGee so much, with his wonderful Scottish accent and beautiful sung Latin and dense & erudite homilies. But Father Caulfield, despite his youth, (he mentions being 32,) also sings the Latin very well, almost as good as Msgr. McGee. His homilies, in contrast, are always really earthy, really practical, and I like them. I like him.

Last week was a special celebration for vocations, and there were a couple busfuls of tourist kids from Cincinnati, and Father Caulfield spoke of his own path to becoming a priest. He said that even as a young boy he wanted to be a priest. He used to play Mass with his little sister, with Ritz crackers servings as communion hosts. That’s just so awesome.