DC Celebrity Spotting

Just saw Joe Wilson.

Ambassador Wilson has fabulous hair.

He was talking on his cell phone, and I was walking back to the office with Kate, my dashing young protege. Otherwise I probably would’ve pestered him.

One thought on “DC Celebrity Spotting

  1. My wife and I play this game in which one of us will see someone who looks like a celebrity, and will ask the other one, “You gonna give me so-and-so for that person?” My wife is a stickler, and her approval is hard-won. I always hope that if I do run across a real celeb (such as the time that I saw Teddy Kennedy at the Natl’ Gallery of Art) that I’ll have the presence of mind to nudge the wife and say, “Ya gonna give me (Teddy Kennedy) on him?” That would be funny.

    I saw the late Cap Weinberger once, strolling down the sidewalk near the GSA building. He was carrying groceries.

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