Wilsons Sue Libby, Cheney, Rove

Funny, after seeing Ambassador Wilson chatting nonchalantly on his cell phone yesterday, there’s news today about him. Case 1:06-cv-01258-JDB filed today in the US District Court here in DC. Maybe had I talked to him yesterday I could’ve gotten a scoop? Blew my big chance, didn’t I?

I wonder a little, not especially seriously, about the Wilsons’ motivations behind the suit. I have no other information, but I personally believe that it’s somewhat peevish. The suit itself seeks relief including but not limited to compensatory damages, exemplary and punitive damages, and attorney’s fees and costs, but I imagine the best part of it all for them is the hassle for and political damage to the defendants.

It’s the best part of it all to me as well. Let’s toast to it and wish it well, all the success, say as much success as Jones v. Clinton.


3 thoughts on “Wilsons Sue Libby, Cheney, Rove

  1. Two comments. 1) I agree with you on their reasons for filing the suit; it’s probably to make the next two years a living hell of litigation for the Veep. And I’m all for that, of course. 2) Man, that Valerie P. is a babe.

  2. Even the WaPo has called him a liar.


    “The material that Mr. Bush ordered declassified established, as have several subsequent investigations, that Mr. Wilson was the one guilty of twisting the truth. In fact, his report supported the conclusion that Iraq had sought uranium.

    Mr. Wilson subsequently claimed that the White House set out to punish him for his supposed whistle-blowing by deliberately blowing the cover of his wife, Valerie Plame, who he said was an undercover CIA operative. This prompted the investigation by Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald. After more than 2 1/2 years of investigation, Mr. Fitzgerald has reported no evidence to support Mr. Wilson’s charge.

    The suit was filed because there were fewer and fewer cocktail party invitations and/or they needed their names kept in the headlines to generate interest in the eventual book/movie deal.

  3. I take no position as to plaintiffs suit having any merit on its claims. I do however admit sheer delight at any inconvenience, legal fees, and political damage inflicted on defendants.

    Again, see Jones v. Clinton, where defendant was granted summary judgement, after four years.

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