Day On/Off

Once again I’m at work on a day when I had planned to not be at work. Last week it was Tuesday, on the National Day of Mourning for President Ford.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I sorta saw the funeral procession. Dawn was frantically calling me calling me around 10:30 a.m. or so, from work, as the motorcade had left the Capitol, where the President had been lying in state, to make its way to the National Cathedral, where would be the funeral.

I was busy and didn’t answer, until finally like the third call or whatever I finally picked up. Dawn told me that the procession would be coming up Twentieth Street, just a block away from me. I didn’t have any special reason to want to see President Ford driven by, but then somehow it seemed disrespectful to not walk all of one block. So off I set.

About halfway down the block on M Street I met up with Matt, my boss, who told me that I had just missed him. I could hear the sirens and see the police cars and the ambulance bringing up the rear of the motorcade, but I had missed the funeral procession proper. Matt said he’d seen the unmistakeable profile of the First Lady, Betty¬†Ford, in one of the limos.

Ah well. I kinda sorta saw it. The tail end of it anyway.

So today, Monday, Dawn and I had planned to take the day off to recover from the two days of Christmas celebration, and get done all the chores around the house that we didn’t have time to do. But we got some stuff done, especially on Saturday, and I’ve got the meeting with the consultants tomorrow that I need to finish up some stuff for, so I go into work while Dawn stays home.