More on the Saw

Looking more closely into this, I have to say that what the website says about the saw vs. what the saw actually is, well, there’s some confusion here.

The saws were on sale at Woodcraft precisely because Spear & Jackson were fiddling around changing their models, so I shouldn’t have relied on the info from S&J like I did. Or at least I should have understood that just because they look similar, are the same colors, etc., they are not in fact what I bought.

The blue saw that I was using, that looks like but is not exactly the one pictured in the earlier entry, is not a coarse finish but a standard finish. But it’s still an aggressive cutting tool. The red is the universal, the blue is the xpress.

Oh, and it’s eight points, not ten. (7 ppi, not 9).

So, yeah, a 7 ppi saw with fleam? Cuts your hypothenar muscle group like butter.