Daily Archives: April 4, 2006

Papal Coffin Clarification

I want to emphasize that everyone agrees that the coffin was beautiful, that it was an example of remarkable craftsmanship. Frank Klausz, whom I quoted, was saying that it was obvious that no one measured, or used a gauge, because he himself is so accomplished as not to need to measure for dovetails. He just marks ’em and cuts ’em.

And no tiny dovetail saw for him. He uses a bow saw. Or maybe that’s Tage Frid. I’m often confused.

(Some quick research proves that it’s Tage Frid who uses the bow saw. There’s some amazing video on the Woodcraft site showing Frank Klausz just zipping through a drawer. I mean fast. He says that when he bids on a job he calculates about 10 minutes to make a drawer.)