Daily Archives: April 20, 2006


I’m a little sore today from playing kickball last night. I guess from madly dashing around the bases, since I play catcher and don’t otherwise run around much. And my face is a little banged up from taking a foul ball right in kisser, which jammed my glasses up into my eye socket.

And I went to the bar, the Irish Times, afterwards with the team. Well, I walked over with Malaika and everybody else either walked a whole lot slower or they drove or took Metro. Our walk took twenty minutes, and we talked about history. She used to be a tour guide at Mount Vernon and at the Air & Space Museum.

I used to be a young person who went out with the gang and drank at bars. I suppose it was as disgusting then as it is now, but I just didn’t know it. The kickball teams follow up at Irish Times with a competition downstairs called Flip Cup, where teams compete in a relay of drinking and then putting the plastic cup upside down on the edge of the table and flipping it until it comes to rest right side up. The table, players and floor become slick with beer. I watched one round and then had to leave.