Daily Archives: April 17, 2006

Objet d’Art

¬†Found this gem while at Mom’s on Saturday.

We moved to Rock Island IL in January of 1976. I remember football practice starting in the blasting heat of summer, so this is sometime in the summer of 76. I’m twelve years old.

This picture looks to have been taken during an afternoon practice. I don’t remember our team name, but the colors are Green Bay Packers colors. When the coach was handing out jerseys, nobody else wanted number fifteen. I was shocked and pleased then that I was able to grab it, it of course being Bart Starr’s number. I didn’t play quarterback, though.

I remember riding around on somebody’s bicycle before practice one day, and somebody threw a helmet at the bike. I crashed in a heap on top of the bike, my face jamming into broken spokes of the front wheel, jabbing and cutting my cheek.

And I chipped a tooth, turned out. I discovered and spit out what I thought was a bit of rock or food or something, and then realized it was a chip off the tip of my left upper canine.

I scanned the picture and the resulting file was like a megabyte or something. I cropped it, reduced the color depth, and then saved the jpeg with high compression. This file now is all of 7K, which I think now is too small, although it does sort of have an antique-y quality to it. But I think I’ll work on it again and repost. In the meantime, though, enjoy.