Daily Archives: April 10, 2006

Sometimes I Embarrass Even Myself

I get all excited today about office supplies.

Remember I mentioned stopping at Staples a while back and trying but failing to find those plastic strips that hold magazines in three-ring binders. So I looked online and found them everywhere, but they’re like only $4.29 for a dozen, but then I’d have to pay like $9.00 shipping, so that’s no good. So finally I found them in the catalog of the office supply place that we use at work. And I talked to Tamiko in accounting, and she said I could add them to our weekly order and then just reimburse ASH by check.

Perfect! And today they arrived, although they turn out to be a different brand. But they work just the same. I take them for a test drive on a couple magazines at work, and they’re great! And they were only $3.74 per dozen. Hooray!

But then I get home and I don’t have enough. I had gotten two dozen, but I figure now I could use maybe a dozen more right away and then have another dozen on hand for new magazines and catalogs. Maybe next month I’ll order another batch.