Daily Archives: August 1, 2006

Actually, They Are Asking

I asked last Thursday, what about the rest of the world. Well, what if they asked?

BEIRUT, July 31 (Reuters) – Israel rejected mounting international pressure on Monday to end its war against Hizbollah and launched a new incursion into Lebanon, as world powers squabbled over the urgency of a ceasefire.

Seems maybe Israel won’t listen to them either.

Not that they necessarily should, mind you. Israel’s in a pretty rough neighborhood, where ain’t nobody else looking out for their interests but they themselves. Although in general we, the U.S., have got their back.

And also note that “international pressure” is a tad vague, without quite the same weight as a resolution from the Security Council. Although how much weight, really, do UN resolutions carry, especially when the United States doesn’t especially want to commit troops to their enforcement? Compare Resolution 242, say, to one like 678.

Crazy Upside-Down War

Don’t know what to say or do, but asymetrical warfare sure is weird.

Hezbollah shoots off rockets willy-nilly into Israel, trying to kill civilians, but the majority of Israeli dead are soldiers. Israel ostensibly practices more modern warfare, but has killed mostly civilians, apparently hundreds.


From the Washington Post:

Death Toll since June 25
Lebanon: 519 total, mostly civilians
Israel: 51 total, 18 civilians