Daily Archives: August 19, 2006

Becky’s Birthday Bash

Saturday morning. You know the drill. Eggs. Yoga. Whole Foods. Safeway. Home.

Then lunch and work on the house.

Except tonight we’ve got Becky coming over. It’s her birthday next week, Tuesday I think, and we’re having her to dinner. We’re making pizza. So we straighten and clean and make things presentable, instead of building like anything new. Then when Becky arrives we set down to some cooking.

It’s funny what people like on their pizza. I do mushrooms and black olives, Dawn black and green olives, and Becky green peppers. I don’t object to green peppers, actually, but we don’t usually do them on pizza. Dawn hates them, and hates them on pizza, I guess is why. I don’t like the green olives on my pizza. I figure black olives are canned, and therefore cooked, whereas green olives are bottled, as in preserved, in vinegar. Maybe they’re cooked beforehand, I don’t know. I think cucumbers are somehow cooked on their way to becoming pickles. But anyway, I love green olives, but only cold, either alone or in a martini. Don’t like ’em cooked.

Dawn also makes this cobbler thingy for dessert. Blueberry. No blueberries to be found in the produce department at Safeway, so we go with frozen. Or maybe there were some organic ones at some outrageous price. But frozen are fine for cooking. The cobble part of the cobbler comes from oats, which we find that we do not have when we go to look for them. Dawn saves me the trip back to Safeway when she decides that an instant oatmeal package will suffice.

We take a walk to and around Lincoln Park between pizza and dessert. I’m feeling quite fat and lazy, and have no desire to walk, but I’m glad that we do and feel all the better for it. And I’m also just generally pleased that we live so close to such a good size park. (Some quick calculations, measuring with Google Earth: A length of .16 miles and a width = .07 miles give us an area of .0112 square miles. At 640 acres per square mile, that’s a little over seven acres.)

We drive Becky home and then come back to all them dishes.