Daily Archives: August 28, 2006

Gone Fishin’

Today is Monday and fishing day for the boys. Last year we went trolling way the hell out in Pamlico Sound. Too fast, too loud. So this year we’re not going nearly as far or as fast. And turns out we don’t especially catch much either. But that’s okay.

And Erin joins us, so it’s not exactly just the boys. But since she seems to be a more avid (and better) fisher than most of us, it’s all okay by us.

We get to the boat rental place right around nine, and we’ve arrived before any proprieters or employees. Pete soon rides up on his bike though. We fill out forms and sign waivers and whatnot, and Pete then wades out to retrieve our boat. He brings it in and then shows us (mostly Rob) how to drive the thing. Plus how to switch gas tanks if we use up all of the one. We’re all aboard so Rob putters us out maybe a mile, to just under the bridge, and we cast off.

We mostly use shrimp as bait, although there are some blood worms as well. We have a pool for who catches the first fish and the most fish. We go home with no fish, as it turns out. Mostly Erin catches crabs, so I think she wins the pool, although I don’t think she ends up getting anyone’s money.

I mostly wear a life jacket and am the only one who does. I consider myself a pretty good swimmer, but I figure in any boating accident I’m going to get like bumped on the head and fall overboard unconscious, so I want the life jacket for when I’m out cold and unable to swim. It never does happen, and I look like an old woman wearing the stupid thing. Ah well.

We see some dolphins, which is pretty cool. Rob gets pretty good video. We’re all slathered up with sunblock, so nobody gets ridiculously burnt. We take home four crabs, at least one of them of legal size.