Daily Archives: August 25, 2006


After getting home from ballet class last week, Dawn and I walked up the block to Kevin’s house, to coordinate with him on taking care of our cats while we’re at the beach. Jonathan and Alana were on their stoop next door to Kevin, and we chatted with them for a few minutes. My first thought was that Alana looked pregnant, but I wasn’t going to say anything. Luckily, when I asked her how she was doing, she handily answered, “Pregnant.”

She’s about four months along. Jonathan saw me counting on my fingers and¬†knew exactly what I was doing. He¬†announced that the due date is February 9. Sonogram is scheduled in a couple weeks, so maybe they’ll know the sex after that.

And chatting with Alana, I told her the story of how I once witnessed childbirth. Always a good time telling that story. One of these days I’m really going to have to type it up and relate it here in this space.