Daily Archives: August 26, 2006

On the Road

We’re up early, around six, as we start our vacation today. First step is of course the long drive to the Outer Banks. Dawn’s plan is to leave at seven, but for some reason I’m under the impression that we’re shooting for eight. So somehow neither of us is satisfied when we leave at seven-thirty. And I never am able the whole way to get any sleep while Dawn’s driving. Somehow the Jetta isn’t as comfortable for sleeping as the Taurus was, although it’s sure nicer with the CD player.

We meet up with Dad and Main and crowd quite by accident at our usual McDonald’s on the way at about eight-thirty. We don’t especially join the caravan, however. We plan on seeing them again for lunch at the Border Station, but when I call Main when we arrive, they’re long past, on their way to Grandy’s. So then we tell them we’ll just see them at the Roadside in Duck, but then they’re still there at Grandy’s when we stop.

Traffic is terrible the last few miles to the Outer Banks, worst we’ve ever seen. And then there are no tables to be had at the Roadside, so Dawn and I head back to Kitty Hawk to hit the Wal-Mart for supplies. Then, finally, we make it to the house, Poet’s Loft.